The Drive Time Grooves Project

Drive Time Grooves’ is a newly formed uniquely diverse ensemble that showcases a group of Melbourne’s vibrant artistic voices led by Brotha Asanti in a series of 8 original compositions. Drawing on examples of established international producers such as Nitin Sawhney, Brotha Asanti gives his multi-disciplinary work a mixed electro-acoustic chamber music makeover, the project blends house music with lively African percussion, guitar, keys, vocals and movement art/ contortionist to invite the audience to travel across the world through music.


  1. Tobi Oladele, Bass Guitar Melbourne
  2.  Kia van der Linden-Kian, Cellist, Melbourne
  3. Le Fleur, Vocals, Melbourne
  4. Nahed Elrayes, Keys/Piano,
  5. Soliana Ersie, Contortionist, Melbourne
  6. Karena Bravo, Movement Artist,
  7. Bud Wilkins, Guitarist, Melbourne 
  8. Brotha Asanti, Composer/Producer, Melbourne
For bookings or enquiries, please email